Battle of the Best Stock Photo Sites

Are you looking for the best stock photo website? We’ll make it easy for you. We will give you the best stock photo agencies in the Internet, lay out their pros and cons, and select the best of the best. We will highlight their products and services to help you determine which of them best meets your creative needs.

  • BigStock
    BigStock has affordable stock image services. It specializes in images and illustrations. It has a straightforward and inexpensive pricing model, which is paired with a wide range of images to meet your digital marketing needs. It also offers top-notch customer services.


  • It offers affordable pricing.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • It has an available live chat help.
  • It accepts user submissions.
  • It includes images, vectors and illustrations.


  • Its vector images are a bit pricey.


Depositphotos has an affordable pricing model. It has an excellent selection of cheap stock photos with one of the lowest per image costs. It also has a nice user feedback option so you can take a peek at the experiences of other users with a particular contributor before buying the image. This will also further guide you in making a buying decision.


  • It includes images, illustrations, videos and vectors.
  • It has more affordable images than other providers.
  • It has regular deals and coupons.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • It supports many languages.
  • User feedback is provided.


  • It has limited advanced search options.



Run by Getty Images, iStock is a great resource of high-quality images due to their affordable subscription plans, lower costs per download, and image versatility and variety. It is one of the better choices if you need lots of low-resolution images for your newsletter and website. It has an easy search function and good service.


  • Pay-as-you-go is available.
  • It has an affordable subscription plan and credit system.
  • It has millions of images.
  • It accepts user submissions.
  • It includes images, videos, illustrations, audio and vectors.


  • Other stock photo sites have better selection for high-quality images.

 These three are the top stock photo agencies over the Internet. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but only one can win this battle. If you want affordable prices and image versatility, we recommend iStock. In fact, many designers and small advertising companies choose the website as their source of low-resolution images. If you are looking for the lowest price per image, Depositphotos is for you. However, we declare BigStock as the best of the best due to their straightforward and cheap pricing structure and wide range of images.

How about you? What do you think is the best among the three? Let us know. We’d love to hear it.



Purchasing Creative Files with an iStock Promo Code

With millions of high quality creative files in its library, iStock provides users multiple options to fill their projects. It gives them the opportunity to complete their message with the right image, illustration or vector. So if you are planning to purchase stock files, check out iStock by Getty Images. Here are a few facts from Stockphoto Secrets about purchasing creative files from the stock image agency with an iStock promo code.

  • Purchasing on iStock. Are you planning to download a creative file from iStock? If you are, you need to purchase a royalty-free license via credits or subscriptions. Credits allow you to download files as you need them. Available in preset packs, they let you save more when you buy more. Moreover, credits do not expire. On the other hand, subscription plans allow you to access limited photos or illustrations depending on the type of subscription you acquire.
  • Pay per download with credits. As mentioned above, iStock allows you to purchase creative files with credits. Credits are the website’s currency. They can be used to download any stock files. Sold in preset packs, the larger pack you purchase; the lesser you have to pay. Files downloaded with this option allow you use them in as many projects as you like for as long as you want. Your credits do not expire as long as you use your account at least once a year. If you want a refund, you should ask for it within 14 days of the purchase and no credits should have been used.


  • Purchasing with a subscription. Image subscriptions allow you to download files at the lowest possible price. They are offered at a flat rate, which gives you access to a set limit of downloads every month. Depending on your subscription, you can download more images in total or per month. Files licensed under this option can only be used within 30 days. When the subscription ends, the license also terminates.


  • Purchasing with an iStock promo code. The website offers iStock coupons that allow you to enjoy specific discounts on your credits purchase or subscription. It is affiliated with iStock so you can be sure that you are getting valid and active coupon codes. With an iStock promo code, you can save hundreds of dollars from your image purchases.

In conclusion, purchasing creative files from iStock gives you three options: credits, subscription and iStock promo codes. When choosing between credits and subscription, you can opt for the one which suits your budget and your creative needs. Once you have decided which purchasing option to use, you can get a discount code and use it to enjoy further savings. What are you waiting for? Sign up to the website and get your coupon now!

Restrictions of Stock Images from Stock Photo Agencies

Are you looking for cheap stock images? Searching for images in search engines and downloading them is already an old practice. It has too many legal consequences that will put any user into certain risks. Thanks to the emergence of stock photo agencies, bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers and other members of the creative community now have a solution to this long standing dilemma.

Did you know that the first major stock photo agency was founded in 1920 by H. Armstrong Roberts? It continued to this day under the name RobertStock. Two of the biggest companies in the industry are Getty Images and Corbis. In the year 2000s, many more agencies have emerged. These include iStock, Dreamstime and Shutterstock. As today, many more websites have been developed to fill the needs of the creative folks.

However, stock images have their limitations and restrictions. Here are some of them:


  • Royalty-free. As the name suggests, royalty free images are does not have royalties. This means you can use the image as many times as stated in the agreement. But of course, you need to purchase the license of the image before you can use it in your projects. Most stock photo agencies use royalty-free images. These include Shutterstock (click for review), iStock and Getty Images. You can purchase these images at the above stated agencies either with Pay-As-You-Go or through a subscription plan, which are available monthly and yearly.




  • Rights Managed. Rights managed images are licensed images with restrictions on its use. This type pf license dictates the specific use of images, duration, industry, territory, print run and exclusivity. Where are you planning to use the images? For how long are you going to use them? How many copies of the image will you produce? All these are included in the rights managed images so as not to overlap with the terms specified, clearly defined and negotiated. However, this is the most expensive and most limited license.


  • Public Domain. The last but definitely not the least is public domain. In contrast with rights managed images, public domain images are free to use. It means you do not need to purchase any license. They can also be used as many times as you want for commercial and personal use. They are usually overused by many people. Moreover, they are often low-resolution images.

When it comes to getting stock images, it is important to find affordable but high-quality ones. It is also essential to get licenses to protect you from legal risks. You can only have these types of images and this kind of protection from stock photo websites. What are you waiting for? Visit your preferred stock photo agency and get amazing images for your creative projects now!