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The Search for People Images – Are You Coming up Empty?

People Images

Every time we put out a marketing campaign, we have an obstacle to overcome. The last thing you want to do is make your campaign look like one of your competitor’s campaigns or make your customers think that you’re using the same campaign images over and over again. No – we’re looking for something fresh and unique without paying the high price of a personal photographer. You’re on a budget and we respect that. Guess what? Everybody else is too. We only have so much to work with yet we’re tasked with creating something compelling and unique. Check out here.

The Biggest Secret in the World of Microstock

People are full of emotions. One of the most difficult things to invoke in an image is a feeling. However, if you were to search for images of people conveying certain emotions, you would be able to fulfill the requirement of creating a campaign that is compelling, unique and gets a message across.

People images from Yuri Arcurs is the biggest secret in the world of microstock. As the name implies, his collection consists of images of people conveying every emotion under the rainbow.

The Yuri Arcurs Difference

Yuri Arcurs is a photographer that has sold the equivalent of 4 million images per year. Let’s size that up, shall we? That’s eight images per second for four years straight. He knows that stock photographers are tasked with two requirements to pull a profit. One, you must publish excellent pictures. If you don’t, people aren’t going to buy your image. It’s as simple as that. Two, you must create excellent images in massive quantities. The more pictures you take, the more images people will buy.

The Search for People Images – Are You Coming up Empty?

search for people images

It seems that everywhere you turn, you either come across pictures of people that can’t get your message across, or you come across identical images on several different microstock sites. This frustrating dilemma has got to come to an end.

Yuri Arcurs understood that. In fact, he came across the same frustration. That’s why he decided to create to create Peopleimages. He was tired of coming up empty. He saw the gap and he filled it. All he had to do to stand out from the crowd and the high amount of competition involved in the photography business was to create something authentic and of high quality. It doesn’t matter how unique you are if your photos aren’t high-quality.

The Source of over 600 Models

Peopleimages has become famous for being unique. They boast a staff of over 600 models to work from. On any given day, his team sets up a photo shoot and takes not 50 pictures. Several teams do this and he is able to output over 5000 exclusive photos every month with the team of 20 photographers.

Check out These Unique Categories

Peopleimages is curated in ways that most microstock agencies aren’t. Usually, you can log on to a standard microstock agency’s website and expect to see between 20 and 30 different categories. From microstock agency to microstock agency, these categories are not unique. In fact, most of these come standard. It’s only natural that a unique website like Peopleimages would come with unique categories.

Right off the bat, you can search by image type, model type or four different kinds of photo shoots – New Shoots, Past Three Years, Yuri’s Best and Best-Selling. However, there’s more than one type of category.

More Than One Type of Category

If you know what Peopleimages offers or if you’re looking for a particular model, then search by the model type or the image type. If you’re new to the website that might not be the best way to go. The other way to go is to look at the other type of category. In this category grouping, you can expect to find the images curated into cute faces, business, beauty, youth, beach images, spa, isolated and nude and artistic images.

Capturing That Authentic Moment

One of the most difficult things to do when you’re shooting images of people is to capture people in their most authentic moments. In other words, it doesn’t do you any good to capture people who look posed. Posed images are painfully obvious. The task that most marketers have the forefront of their mind is whether their campaign is going to do well and sell a product. One of the top sellers of any industry is emotion. People connect with emotion and, therefore, can connect with authentic images. The way Yuri puts it is that he takes photos that he would use himself. In fact, all the photos that are uploaded to Peopleimages must pass his approval before they get uploaded. For someone who sells 4 million images a year, his judgment is to be trusted.

Introducing Peopleimages – a unique site with an even more unique offering – from one professional photographer to another.